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Monday, June 22, 2015

Oracle Application Framework (OAF) - Performance Issue

Introduction :- E Business Suite versions are moving towards OAF leaving behind Forms. Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) is one of the in demand technology in the Oracle Application Tech Stack, Though not from the development community, I realized this couple of days back when 2 new EBS developers joined the company. Both of them were interested in knowing if they would get chance to work on OAF development activities. 

There was a regular complaint from OAF developers developing a new OAF screen, After every day development the DBA's go ahead with regular OACORE bounce, but next day, the new OAF development changes is not seen or the screen download never used to complete.

After some R&D found the fix as explained below.

HTML pages generated by OA Framework make extensive use of cascading style sheets to comply with well defined UI standards. These style sheets, mostly generated dynamically at runtime, are based on a number of factors such as the Look-and-Feel and the version of OA Framework and Oracle UIX in use. 

To avoid performance issues, these dynamically generated style sheets are stored on the file system in a cache, under $OA_HTML/cabo/styles/cache. It is recommended that you delete the contents of this directory every time you apply a new OA Framework patch to your system to ensure that these files get regenerated using the latest.

Initially, I was also in doubt that how does removing cache improve the performance, It was all against the concept of caching. But the real culprit is the stylesheets, which are cached and not allowing for the OAF components to download properly and causing performance issues.

Hope this helps some OAF developer and Apps DBA scratching his head even after OACORE bounce.


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