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Monday, July 23, 2018

Why InfraStack-Labs as a startup is doing what it is doing?

Happy to back with blogpost again after a very long time, currently going through a very tough phase, on May 4th, I broke my right leg ankle with multiple fractures and underwent a surgery. Since then, I am immobile which has affected many of the plans like travel, meetings and discussions. All plans took a hard hit. Hope to hit the road again by end of August/Early September.

Though many topics keeps hopping in mind for blogging, there are many factors like(My current situation), which are not under anybody's control. I was thinking of blogging about these very common and frequently asked questions since the day one of InfraStack-Labs (27-Oct-2015)

I hope, this blog can help in realising India's position in the technology context and to some extent will help in avoiding the misconceptions and a prejudice mindset on our country's capabilities on technology front.

We in our country have still not learned how to lay a proper road (which is one the main pillar of infrastructure that leads to many other developments in the country), that is the reason we are taking about filling potholes every monsoon and not thinking/talking about how to built a road that is robust enough to withstand any severe monsoon.

RESULT -------------------------------------------->

Hint - We keep tarring the roads every year on top of the previous layer, without even thinking if we have a proper water drainage on both sides of the roads and few technical aspects that will determine the life of the new road infrastructure, Main design factors include:

  1. location
  2. terrain and soil properties,
  3. drainage capabilities,
  4. traffic volume,
  5. the ratio of cars to trucks and buses,
  6. possible future development in the area,
  7. effects on the environment or  nearby residents.
I think, its too much of analogies and examples to set the context of this blogpost. Let's goto some FAQ's we have encountered for almost last 3 years.

1) Why InfraStack-Labs as a startup is doing what it is doing?

We were not a group of lucky fresh graduates of today who come straight out from a college with many brilliant ideas and did not have any compulsion to send back a part of the salary to home. Youngsters of today have the luxury of taking risks and exploring things and lot of resources. We were a bunch of infrastructure people (Mainly database) who wanted to put our expertise and build on a technology which really had a vacuum in India. That technology happened to be Cloud Technology. (Literally we did not want to give lip-service to all buzzwords in technology, we wanted it to be practically implemented)

Now how is our choice important in Indian startup ecosystem context

  •   India is grooming itself as a preferred startup ecosystem
  •   Indian government is promoting startups and progressing towards its   digital India dream
  •   Indian startup ecosystem revolves around below categories
            Aggregator websites
            e-Commerce websites
            Web/Mobile Apps
            System Integrators

            Buzzword bees (AI, ML, Analytics, Blockchain, Future etc)

  •   One common factor among all these categories of startups is the underlying cloud technology that is used to host their products and reach out to a larger audience.

2) How do you guys compete with other big cloud companies?

If some cloud vendor is the market leader, no disputes in that, but that cannot be a valid reason for anybody to avoid trying into getting into cloud market (Regardless the market cap of any market leader in cloud computing, it does not give any significant impact on others who wish to compete in same space)

We don't need to compete with anybody in this world, this world is too big for anybody to have 100% control, I've travelled length and breadth of India in train and buses and know how big this country is, If you always take flights, you may have a wrong impression of the very earth which you live in, you may feel that earth is very small.

3) Why will somebody trust you instead of other big cloud companies?

Be it the market leader or any other high tech companies in Cloudcomputing space , our Indians have significant contribution in all of those companies, Why should the same talent pool be unhappy If India gives them same opportunity to show their skills and get rewarded for their skills.

So if the same talent pool is created in India to work on similar exciting projects, there can be more popular softwares, solutions and platforms that will eventually be trusted in the days to come.

4) What is the advantage of going with OMegha Cloud instead of other big cloud companies?


  • High cost & Complex pricing model
  • Dedicated support & training only at extra cost
  • Overbuilding & recurring charges Monitoring considered as additional event
  • Fixed infrastructure options Reactive process
  • No guidance

  • Hourly Billing
  • Dedicated support at ZERO additional cost
  • Transparent & cost centric platform
  • Default live performance tracker On demand scalable infrastructure
  • Proactive automated process
  • Handheld cloud enablement 

5) Do you think, India is a good place to start a Cloud company?

Absolutely, we have already tested the waters, we have enough resources to even operate tier-1 Datacenters and serve the cloud computing needs of the whole world. We have been operating the OMegha™ cloud for more than 30 months without any issues.

Now, let me compare India with some European countries who are very much worried about their citizens and the data privacy. 

Note:- The below data has both web hosting companies & cloud companies listed. Both are different.

India is 108 times bigger than Belgium & Belgium has approximately 43 (Cloud & Web hosting) companies providing (IaaS and/or PaaS)

India is 76 times bigger than Denmark & Denmark has approximately 55 (Cloud & Web hosting) companies providing (IaaS and/or PaaS)

India is 10 times bigger than Finland & Finland has approximately 43 (Cloud & Web hosting) companies providing (IaaS and/or PaaS)

India is 10 times bigger than Norway & Norway has approximately 43 (Cloud & Web hosting) companies providing (IaaS and/or PaaS)

India is 7 times bigger than Sweden & Sweden has approximately 47 (Cloud & Web hosting) companies providing (IaaS and/or PaaS)

India is 79 times bigger than Netherlands & Netherlands has approximately 33 (Cloud & Web hosting) companies providing (IaaS and/or PaaS)

India is 7 times bigger than Spain & Spain has approximately 61 (Cloud & Web hosting) companies providing (IaaS and/or PaaS)

India is 9 times bigger than Germany & Germany has approximately 62 (Cloud & Web hosting) companies providing (IaaS and/or PaaS)

India is 13 times bigger than UK & UK has approximately 66 (Cloud & Web hosting) companies providing (IaaS and/or PaaS)

Finally, how InfraStack-Labs & OMegha Public Cloud is  positioning itself in the cloud computing vendor space currently and future roadmap.

InfraStack-Labs (OMegha™ Public Cloud)2nd Largest Global Cloud Company
Year of inception20152012
HeadquartersBangalore, IndiaNewYork, USA
Was AWS leading the pack then?YesYes
Total FundingBootstrapping$305+ Million
Block StorageYesYes
Object StorageYesYes
Converged Analytics EngineYesNo
Vinayak - Techstack Dignostics RobotYesNo
Network Function VirtualizationYesNo
High Performance Computing ApplianceYesNo
Private Cloud ApplianceYesNo
Serverless PlatformYes - In ProgressNo
IoT PlatformYes - In ProgressNo
BareMetal ServiceYes - 2019 RoadmapNo