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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oracle ACE Associate Award

Hi Friends,

I take immense pleasure in writing this particular post and letting you know that "I am an Oracle ACE Associate now!"

My Oracle ACE Associate Profile

Thanks to the "Oracle ACE Program" for accepting and giving an entry into this elite group of ACEs.

Special thanks to 
1) Murali Vallath for nominating me & AIOUG, NZOUG, DOAG for giving me opportunity to speak in their conferences (SANGAM12, NZOUG13, DOAG13, SANGAM13, OTNYathra13)

2) My family & friends, For supporting me.
3) Kai Yu, for his inspiration.
4) All my colleagues & Oracle community friends.  
5) Thousands of all other bloggers who have helped at work in many occasions.

Ajith Narayanan