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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Upgrade Oracle APEX ( to In Oracle 11g Express Edition

Hi Friends,

It's been a while with a blogpost, and this time its APEX, One of my favorite product from Oracle.

Oracle 11g XE is quick to download from OTN and install in the laptop for trial & learning purposes and many of us already have this installed in laptop and use it for creating small applications for our own use. 

Scenario:- Today, I had to install a packaged application provided by Oracle into my express edition. By default the APEX version in express edition is, When I was trying to import the packaged application into my 11g XE database, It was failing with an INCOMPATIBLE error.

I did careful reading through the details of packaged application which clearly mentioned Oracle developed the application in APEX version 4.2 and thus my XE APEX version of 4.0 was incompatible. I did not want to install a 12c R1 database which by default comes with APEX 4.2, Instead decided to upgrade the APEX version in XE to newly released 5.0 version directly. 

This post shows step by step method to upgrade our APEX from version to

1. Download the latest Oracle APEX (5.0) version from OTN


2. Unzip the downloaded zip file:
  • Linux: Unzip .zip
  • Windows: Double click .zip in Windows Explorer

3. Start CMD prompt and Change your working directory to apex.

4. Start SQL*Plus and connect to the Oracle XE database:


5. Install Application Express:

5. Log back into SQL*Plus (as above) and load images:

Confirm is the APEX was upgraded to version 5.0

7. In a Web browser, navigate to the Oracle Application Express Administration Services application:


After the APEX 5.0 upgrade my packaged application import was smooth without any issues.