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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Upgrading Oracle 10g Application Server from to (Part of R12 TechStack upgrade)

MOS DocID References                                                          
Document 454811.1 (for
Document 437878.1(for
Changes needed from above doc (for
CPU patch 14010540 is replaced with 16802901
Customers using JDK 1.6.0_29 or higher or JDK 1.7 should also apply the following:
Patch 12965674 (

1.1  Backup 10.1.3 ORACLE HOME

ð  Ensure that you backup you 10g Application server home before upgrade.
[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/u023/app/applmgr/R12/TEST59/apps/tech_st]echo $ORACLE_HOME

[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/u023/app/applmgr/R12/TEST59/apps/tech_st]echo $IAS_ORACLE_HOME

[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/u023/app/applmgr/R12/TEST59/apps/tech_st]tar –cvf 10.1.2.tar 10.1.2
[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/u023/app/applmgr/R12/TEST59/apps/tech_st]tar –cvf 10.1.3.tar 10.1.3

ð  Follow metalink document 455492.1 to upgrade JAVA version in 10.1.3 ORACLE HOME.

ð  Change the environment using below env files so that the ORACLE_HOME variable points to 10.1.3.

[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr] cd $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3
[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr] ls *.env
[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr] . ./TEST59_ajithpathiyil1.env
[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr] echo $ORACLE_HOME

ð  Add $ORACLE_HOME variable as a pre-requisite of upgrade.

[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr]export PATH=$PATH:$ORACLE_HOME/ant/bin

ð  OPatch version must be above Use patch number 6880880 and select version ''.

[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr] cd $ORACLE_HOME
[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr]mv $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch_bkp
[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr]unzip –d $ORACLE_HOME

You will have to modify the Patch set home to install this fix. Unzip patch set (8626084) and make changes as below from patch 8920270 readme file.
a. Make sure the Patch set home is in a writable location.
b. Backup $PATCHSETHOME/Disk1/stage/Patches/
     to $PATCHSETHOME/Disk1/stage/Patches/
c. Copy the other.jar provided in this patch to the location

This is script change after runInstaller.
a.     Run the below command to avoid any permission issues.
[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr] chmod –R go-rwx $ORACLE_HOME



Also follow the below steps.

a. Open the script in an editor (having taken a backup copy first), and locate the following line:

    chmod -R go-rwx $ORACLE_HOME

b. Add the following lines after this line:

   chmod go+r $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/libexec/*.so

   chmod go+r $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql


1.8   Change the false path

ð  A false entry is present due to some bug in different configuration files.
Replace entry -à/data1/R12/ab/apps/XB9R1211/apps/tech_st/10.1.3
By entry -à /u023/app/applmgr/R12/TEST59/apps/tech_st/10.1.3
Change the entry in the files mentioned in the attached list. We have to change the entries in at least $ORACLE_HOME/inventory/ContentsXML/comps.xml file.
The OPMN process must be running before starting the installer. So start it if it is down

[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/home/applmgr] start

1.10  Run the installer to upgrade 10g AS

The OPMN process must be running before starting the installer. So start it if it is down
ð  GO to the directory where patch set (8626084) is unzipped. And start run installer.

[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/u099/app]cd Disk1
[ajithpathiyil1:applmgr:/u099/app/Diak1] ls  doc  install  readme.html  runInstaller  stage

 Welcome screen appears. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.


Select right ORACLE HOME location for upgrade.

Uncheck the check box and click ‘Next’.


Click ‘Yes’ on the Warning message box. And the installer will proceed.


Supply the oc4jadmin password which is ‘secret’ or ‘oafm’.

The installer will need to bounce the middle tier so it will ask to stop the opmnctl. Execute the steps as mentioned in the Warning box.

Finally Summary screen will appear, click ‘Install’ to proceed.

Ignore the “Text file is busy errors’ if any, and proceed.

Once the installer completes to 100%, it will request to run file from root user.
Run the script and click ‘OK’.

Installer will apply the patches and once all the patches are done installer will show “End of Installation“ screen.

1.11  Run autoconfig on application tier.

Run the main environment file to reset the environment and run autoconfig on the application tier.

1.12  Apply patch 8999551Post upgrade steps.

a.     Apply patch 8999551 as post upgrade step
cd 8999551
opatch apply
             no pre,post step

b.     Apply Latest CPU patch (16802901) for 10g AS.
             cd 16802901
             opatch napply

Run the 16802901/
c.     Customers using JDK 1.6.0_29 or higher or JDK 1.7 should also apply the following:
Patch 12965674 (
cd 12965674
opatch apply

d.     Regenerate JAR files(with NO force option)


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