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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wanna Be A Networking Expert? Deep Dive Into Sqlnet.ora Trace Files

Net Logging and Trace

I am trying for put some light on SQLNET.ORA Logging and Tracing parameters. 

On Unix, Oracle checks for sqlnet.ora in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin unless this location, Exception when  $TNS_ADMIN environment variable is used. You can enable logging, trace or both on both the client and server using sqlnet.ora, Let me explain you how.



The following parameters can be set to configure Oracle Net logging in sqlnet.ora:

For both the client and server trace files, the default directory is $ORACLE_HOME/network/trace.
For the client, the default trace file name is sqlnet.trc
For the server the default trace file name is svr_pid.trc

Level 16 (SUPPORT) is the most detailed trace level. Take care when enabling this level of detail as it will consume disk space very rapidly. Consider using the TRACE_FILELEN_SERVER andTRACE_FILENO_SERVER parameters to reduce the impact on the server

If TRACE_UNIQUE_CLIENT is set to ON then a separate trace file will be created for each client. The pid is appended to the file name e.g. client_123.trc. Note that this appears to be the default behaviour in recent versions.

Now, You have learened how to enable sqlnet.ora tracing, But, as usual, I am sure, most of the people will not be able to understand the raw trace file, Now below is the reference to the MOS note that will make you a networking expert with furthur reading.

MOS Note:- Examining Oracle Net, Net8, SQL*Net Trace Files [ID 156485.1]

Note:- You will have a PDF document attached to the above note which will make you a networking expert :)   Notepart:156485.1:1 Examining Oracle Net Trace Files(339 KB)

Happy Learning !

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