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Monday, October 15, 2012

My Oracle Support- Create Quick Bookmarks In Firefox

“Use Firefox Quick Searches to quickly access Oracle related information: DOCs, SRs, NOTEs, BUGs etc…”

lets add Firefox bookmark with search capability:
1) inside Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+B
2) at the left side select All Bookmarks -> Bookmarks Menu
3) press right button of mouse and select “New Folder”, type something like MyOracle
4) right click on newly created folder(MyOracle) and select “New Bookmark” and fill next fields:
Keyword: mn
press “Add” button to add bookmark.
5) now close Bookmarks Library window and go to Firefox address bar
6) type “mn 1269139.1″ and press “enter” – You will move directly to specified MOS NOTE!!!
So now we have quite useful shortcut to go directly to specific NOTE.
Lets add rest of shortcuts to Oracle resources:
Bookmark Name Keyword Location
MOS Note mn
MOS BUG Description bd
MOS Patch mp
MOS Patch Flash mpf,(page=PatchSearchResultsHome&id=gj46pr1y(search=%0A&incFamilyProds=false&flag=search))
MOS Service Request sr,(page=SRView(sr_number=%s))
MOS Service Request Html srh
MOS Search KB s
MOS Search BUG sb
MOS Search ALL sa
Search 11.2 Docs sd
Search Tahiti st


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